Friendship | Equine Portraits in Greenwood, IN by Amy Latka

We all have those friends that we don't see very often, but that we just pick right back up with as soon as we are together.  Bridgette P. is one of those friends for me.  Though I don't see her often, whenever I do see her smiling face, I know that laughter and good times are not far away.  We met many years ago at a horse show where she was competing and I was the official photographer, and something just clicked.  I think we're of the same tribe.

And so it was especially nice to receive a request from Bridgette for a portrait session.  She was the organizer and coordinator of the Travis Creek Farm mini-sessions I shot back in October.  I jumped at the chance to not only photograph her with her new dressage mount, Hank, but also with her beautiful family.  

Retro Beauty | Equine Portraits in Greenwood, IN by Amy Latka

Another lovely client from October's Travis Creek Farm mini-session day was Kelly and her Thoroughbred, Stewie.  Kelly was simply adorable in her tall boots and belted dress.  There was an air of retro beauty about her.  But really, it was Stewie that stole the show.  Stewie is Kelly's grey OTTB (off-track Thoroughbred) gelding.  He was so happy to play along with portraits.  He stood like a champ and obviously adores Kelly.  Well, lets face it, the adoration is mutual.  Go ahead...see for yourself. :)