Family Portraits

Welcome to the Family | Equine Portraits in Martinsville, IN by Amy Latka

In late September 2011, I was contacted by a gentleman who was interested in purchasing a portrait session as a gift for his wife.  She had a new horse and they wanted portraits done of both the horse and their family.  And so it was that met Dana C., owner of Ralph, a beautiful bay Arabian gelding. 

Fast forward to last year, when Dana purchased a second horse, another bay Arabian, but this time, a mare.  Like the supermodel whose name she shares, Giselle is a looker!  She has all of the beautiful attributes of a nice Arabian.  Dana's husband contacted me again for another portrait session as a gift.  They were in need of portraits with Giselle.  I was happy to oblige.  

Special thanks go out to Dana and Brooke Coffee of Hill View Arabians for their help preparing and handling horses during this session.  It always nice to have extra hands.